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The Chill Running Down Your Spine:
Ice Knight

Uma-san... *drool*
Name: Haarino Uma [ Winged Horse ]
Birthday: June 19
Sign: Gemini
Favorite Color: Pale blue
Hobbies: Writing, reading, walking...
Family: None

Uma, up close and personal

Uma is a sixteen year old male who attends Yutakagikunshi Private Academy. He is... (*drumroll*) ...the reincarnated form of Elios aka Chibi-Usa's pegasus! (Awesome idea, ne?) He is the Neo version of Tuxedo Kamen. Eventhough it has been quite a long time since Usa and Uma have seen one another, dreams still allow someone to wish. Her wish came true. He has ice blue hair and golden eyes. The horn is not there, despite what pic shows. As Ice Knight, he of course, controls snow and ice.
Ice Blade Frost! *LOL* Kawaii Ice Knight...

Attacks, Powers, Etc.

Ice Power, Transform
Uma says this to transform into Ice Knight. He raises a ice blue star into the air and his body begins to shimmer. The transformation is quite simple. He goes from his school uniform to the caped outfit you see him wearing in the picture above. A huge semitar is sheathed on his left hip. His pose is simply stading there.
Deadly Kiss
This is Ice Knight's defensive attack. He actually kisses his blade and a pale blue lipstick forms on his lips. Blowing a kiss, the little icy heart flies towards the enemy and on the slightest impact, takes away their ability to move.
Shimmering Revolution
This is Ice Knight's offensive attack. He raises his blade, pulling it back. Shimmering snow begins to collect over Ice Knight's head and then when he points his sword to the enemy, the snow slowly drains away their energy. Painfully and slowly killing them.
Ice Crisis Power, Transform
Uma says this to transform into Silver Ice Knight. Same transformation as before, save his outfit has a little bit of silver mixed into it. His sign also rests on his forehead.
Ice Blade Frost
This is Silver Ice Knight's defensive attack. Holding the blade infront of his face, so it looks like his face is cut in half. Silver energy collects around the blade and as he slices out the blade, the energy forms shards of ice which penetrate the enemies skin.
Snowy Winds Freeze
This is Silver Ice Knight's offensive attack. This is the intensified version Shimmering Revolution. This attack is the same, save for that the enemy is frozen into a block of ice and then the ice cracks, breaks, and turns to dust.
The Ice Blade
This is Ice Knight's weapon. A silver-hilted and white-bladed semitar with his sign upon the blade and diamonds outlining the blade.