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*Tja slept, curled in a ball, golden eyes shut to the world, raven hair falling down her back, silver wings, which glinted rainbow as she soared, were folded about her, to create a blanket about her*

::there was a soft flash of light, and a beam of light cascaded down a few feet from her, it did not stir her, she was too deep in slumber to be caring about anything else but the sleep she seemed to much need, as she continued to sleep, the form, of something, began to turn into a visable object::

::peachy creme skin, two majestic and pristine white wings formed on the back of this obviously angelic being, silver-blue eyes and long whisps of dark blue hair that blew gently in the breeze, it whirled about his toga like outfit with winged sandles, he gazed upon her sleeping form with caring eyes, his voice, tender, gentle, soft:: ~Tjarra...~ ::the voice echoed quietly inside her mind as so many gently tinkling bells::

*Tja stirred slightly, she thought for a moment, it was Katarthis, so she submitted to the wakening, but as soon as she opened her eyes and looked up, seeing a form she hasnít in ages, her eyes widened in disbelief, it couldnít be, it just couldnít*

::the male smiled, she still looked the same, even out of dragon form, her true form, she was still lovely, wonderful, and pure at heart, she could not be the bitter and depressed individual most knew her as today:: ~Tja... Iíve come... Iím back...~ ::he recalled his promise, and he knew she would, meanwhile, Tja just sat there, then she stood there, in awe, in shock::

Djer? *Tjaís own words werenít even believable, it had been so long, so very longer, perhaps only mere dragon years, but many, oh so many of human years! The beam of light faded, as he seemed to become "real" and walked a bit closer to her*

::he smiles, that devilish look still remained, yet no matter how tormentous he got, he was always gentle and kind to her, he had always been:: ~Yes Tja... itís me...~

But... but Djer... I didnít... *amazing! Her own third person speech has been knocked back to normal due to all this shock, much to say, her depressive nature had led her to talking in third person, this shock had thankfully knocked her out of such*

~Tja... what is it?~ ::he asks, worried::

I didnít expect you back... *she admits*

::his eyes widen:: ~Tja! I promised... how could...~ ::the tears in his eyes were evident::

*by the gods, what had she done?! She hadnít seen Djer in ages, and here she was, tossing him away like rotten fruit, tears began to fall down her cheeks, hysteria was sure to come next*

Djer... you donít understand... I waited... so long... so very long. I know you promised... I know ...but my heart could stand it no longer... *she whispers*

::Djer sighs, he shook his head, he knew this was going to happen, sooner or later, before or after, he approached, taking her into his arms, and just holding her as she wept, releasing all this that she had suffered with for so long::

::he released her, pulling back, pushing the wild strands of raven away from her eyes and face, he heaved a gentle sigh and asked, the question, to which the answer, would probably send him off in tears:: ~Tja... tell me everything, please.~ ::his voice was a soft and gentle pleading::

*she heaves a shakey sigh, wiping away spent tears, she looks up to him, he deserved to know, out of all people, and she steps back, ready for the war she knew was more than likely to come*

It was just after you had died... and I had locked myself into submissive slumber. Eternal hibernation until you came to wake me up... yet...

Something, someone called out to me, Djer... another dragon, a black who was apparently far younger than I was at the point, I must have aged a few dragon years... his name was Katarthis.

*she took another shakey breath as she watched him, cautiously aware of his motions and actions* He... in one night... we became so... incredibly close... but then... we did not see one another for... weeks... and then I find... his heart has been confessed to another... the night before.

::Djerís eyes went wide once more, but he kept silent, ennjoying the way the story was being told::

I was so angry... so upset... that I commited suicide... yes, I left this world... and I... was so happy... for a long time. Then... then I felt my daughter... our Clryss... crying out, longing for me and I had to see her.

I found... a willing host body... elf... who allowed me to take over her body... and I did so... they allowed it. I was back, I saw Clryss in the arms of the one Katarthis claimed to love... and I felt dejected and heartbroken.

She called her Mommy... not me... her. Her name is Sunev, if I recall correctly... however that is not important, I gave Clryss the choice and she wishes to stay with Sunev, so be it.

I met up with Katarthis not too much later, he was, to say the least, shocked to see me, he spoke of the possibility of loving two... but I rejected it... for I knew it was only fair he love one and that one... to be Sunev.

I have, just found out, that due to complications of her own fault, or someone else's, who just think it be a good idea to impregnate a woman, one in love in fact, that they are... perhaps splitting ways. That... is about it.

::he clears his throat:: ~So where does that leave us, Tja?~ ::he whispers, his tone thick with emotion::

*so here it came, who to choose, Katarthis or Djer, perhaps she could get some more time, she heaves a shakey sigh, clearing her throat, she tries to look him straight in the eye*

Djer, you are Clryssí father. You were my love of many years at one point, but I have changed, as have you... I am sorry... we can no longer be.

::the tears flood his eyes, but he nods, he had figured his lengthly absence from her life would cause this:: ~Tja... I love you, and I only wish I had been around sooner. If you ever change your mind, I shall be here. I wish you the best. If I may... request... something?~

*she nods* Of course...

~One... last kiss.~

*she faultered, but nodded, he deserved it, she stepped closer, leaning up, pressing her lips gently to his, she curled her arms aroun him and held the kiss in place*

::he slipped his arms around her, tears raging down both their cheeks, as he pressed his own lips tight to hers, never wanting to leave, but knowing he has to, slowly, he fades from the embrace, gone from her life::

*she sighs, closing her eyes, and collapsing to the ground in a pool of bitter and spent tears, as she cries only more of them*