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Sailorneptune's Twin:
Poseidon Knight

Name: Chikatsu Tora [ Bloodthirsty Tiger ]
Birthday: Febuary 9
Sign: Aquarius
Favorite Color: Grey
Hobbies: Wrestling, Reading...
Family: N/A

Tora, up close and personal

Tora is a seventeen year old who attends Kin Private Boys Academy. He has short black hair and black eyes. His girlfriend is Yumichi Ryokia and he and her have a very smooth and relaxed... but none the less, loving relationship. Tora is generally passive and mature, compared to most males. (Like Kistune, to name one... *L*)

Attacks, Powers, Etc.

Poseidon Power, Transform
Tora says this to transform into Poseidon Knight. Raising his henshin stick, waves of sea water splash about him, creating his fuku. Black pants and shoes with a aqua colored shirt, headpiece, and choker.
Ocean Wash
This is Poseidon Knight's only attack. His hands glow a light blue-green and massive waves wash over the target, draining their energy.
Poseidon Silver Power, Transform
Tora OR Poseidon Knight says this to transform into Silver Poseidon Knight. Same transformation as before, but his choker and headpiece have his sign in a silver pendant.
Sea Drops Trickle
This is Silver Poseidon Knight's only attack. Waving his hand, tiny droplets of cold sea water surround the target, dropping slowly at first, then splashing them with freezing water.
Poseidon Gold Power, Transform
Tora OR Silver Poseidon Knight says this to transform into Golden Poseidon Knight. Same transformation as before, but a aqua rose that is pure crystal with his sign on it, appears in his hands.
Gentle Waves Crash
This is Golden Poseidon Knight's defensive attack. Using the rose, massive typhoons rise high above the target, pulverising and killing them. He uses the power of Poseidon to call upon the waves.
Bubble Foam Cleanse
This is Golden Poseidon Knight's offensive attack. Saying this, a soft bubble foam cleanses the tainted souls of any attacked Senshi (Greek or Sailor), and it taints the enemies in worse ways.