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Sailorsun's Twin:
Apollo Knight

Name: Yasashii Raion [ Gentle Lion ]
Birthday: December 25
Sign: Capricorn
Favorite Color: Black, Red
Hobbies: Reading, playing cards...
Family: N/A

Raion, up close and personal

Raion is a 18 year old who attends Kin Private Boys Academy. They wear a navy blue mandarin shirt with black pants and shoes. His girlfriend is Kano Kokoro and he adores her very much. He has brown hair and emerald green eyes. He's the compassionate type. At first, he seems... to dislike being a Senshi, but soon, he takes a liking to it.. (*L* when Hebi, Tora, Kitsune, and Ryuu get their "Knighthood" too, and he's not all alone... *snicker*).

Attacks, Powers, Etc.

Apollo Power, Transform
Raion says this to transform into Apollo Knight. Raising his henshin stick, which is gold and white, millions of white and golden stars scatter the area and then cling to him. They meld to form his fuku, which is a white dress shirt, golden yellow pants, chocker and headpiece.
Solar Winds
This is Apollo Knight's only attack. Normal winds spiral up his body, as they increase in speed, so does their heat. When they flare about his arms, they're intensely hot. They then whoosh out at the target, scorching them.
Apollo Silver Power, Transform
Raion OR Apollo Knight says this to transform into Silver Apollo Knight. Same transformation as before, but his chocker has his sign in gold upon it as does his headpiece.
Solar Prominences Dance
This is Silver Apollo Knight's only attack. Like the prominences of the sun, this is kind of what happens. His headpiece glows and small prominences begin to jump out of it, as they do, they grow and begin to dance aropund the target, finally grabbing them with a searing embrace.
Apollo Gold Power, Transform
Raion OR Silver Apollo Knight says this to transform into Golden Apollo Knight. Same transformation as before, but he has been given golden bracelets around each wrist, with his sign engraved on them.
Golden Rays Glare
This is Golden Apollo Knight's defensive attack. Clacking the bracelets together, which makes the clacking sound... d'oh. Well, a golden beam of light emits and glares into the eyes of the subject, blinding them.
Shimmering Light Reduce
This is Golden Apollo Knight's offensive attack. His bracelets and headpiece glow (which by the way, looks like a thin headband...), and the soft light refreshes energy in the Senshi (Sailor and Greek) and removes it from the target.