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Sailorvenus' Twin:

Name: Kano Kokoro [ Fiery Spirit ]
Birthday: April 23
Sign: Taurus
Favorite Color: Any dark shades of blue
Hobbies: Writing, Reading...
Family: Kano Tamashii [ Father ]
Kano Taiyo [ Mother ]
Kano Nikko [ Younger Sister ]

Kokoro, up close and personal

Kokoro is a eighteen year old girl who attends Sei High School. She has blue-green eyes and shoulder-length chesnut brown hair. The uniform looks much like Minako's, when she attended her Junior High School, not Juuban. It's royal blue and white, and the shoes resemble the ones Usagi wears to Juuban Junior High. She's got a boyfriend, his name is Yasashii Raion and she loves him dearly, like she does her family. She's happy to be a part of the Senshi Team, it's been a dream of hers ever since she first saw the show. She's close friends with the other girls.

Attacks, Powers, Etc.

Aphrodite Greek Power, Make up
Kokoro says this to transform into Sailoraphrodite. She tosses her star-shaped brooch into the air as she raises her hand and the brooch opens, orange light convebges on Kokoro, her clothes are shed, and she begins to shimmer. Then a royal blue ribbon with stars spirals down around her and she begins to spin. She stops as the ribbon does and her fuku is formed. It's Sailor V's, except more blue than orange and her brooch is nestled in the center of her bow.
Love Shock
This is Sailoraphrodite's only attack. She kisses her fingertips and a blue star forms, the blue star then grows bigger and it slams into the enemy, shocking them with jolts of electricity.
Aphrodite Silver Greek Power, Make up
Kokoro OR Sailoraphrodite says this to transform into Super Sailoraphrodite. Same transformation as before, but with arm shields.
Love Star Burst
This is Super Sailoraphrodite's only attack. Her tiara turns into her sign and she touches it, then the sign into a blue star and she tosses it at her enemy, it turns into a bunch of stars and bursts in their face, blinding them.
Aphrodite Gold Greek Power, Make up
Kokoro OR Super Sailoraphrodite says this to transform into Eternal Sailoraphrodite. Same transformation as before, but with armored arm shields and a longer back bow.
Beauty Eclipse Illusion
This is Eternal Sailoraphrodite's offensive attack. A cresent moon forms in her hands and so does a blue star, then they mix together and the blinding light they create distracts the enemy.
Heart Mist Convenge
This is Eternal Sailoraphrodite's defensive attack. A red mist begins to fill the air, filling the Senshi and Knights with courage, and filling the enemies with heart-stopping fear and it's just long enough for the others to attack.