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...Welcome to the
AD and Neo AD RPG...

What is AD? Anime Division, of course. My Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Crossover Fanfic. As well as Neo Anime Division, my opinion on Crystal Tokyo as well. If you haven't read it, which I don't doubt, go here. Now, unlike the other RPG, you can have anyone you want AND do NOT have to make a page for your C or gather pics, unless the pic on the page is a No Pic Yet sign. The only pages I need to work on are the Neo Sailor Senshi, but those shall be up eventually.
Rules and Regulations
(The same as the Star Kingdom RPG...)

~...The Characters...~

Sailoraphrodite/Kano Kokoro
Sailorares/Densetsu Katori
Sailorcronus/Yumechi Ryokia
Sailorhermes/Suiai Koneko
Sailorzeus/Dokuno Kasumi
Apollo Knight/Yasashii Raion
Terra Knight/Otonashii Hebi
Poseidon Knight/Chikatsu Tora
Artemis Knight/Hikisoku Ryuu
Hades Knight/Kayowai Kitsune

Neo Sailoraphrodite/Yasashii Kakyoku
Ares Knight/Otonashii Enkou
Neo Sailorcronus/Chikatsu Kiokure
Neo Sailorhermes/Hikisoku Tori
Neo Sailorzeus/Dokuno Moya
Neo Apollo Knight/Yasashii Tezawari
Neo Terra Knight/Haretsune Jimen
Neo Poseidon Knight/Yasurakano Kasui
Neo Artemis Knight/Hikisoku Kouen
Sailorhades/Dokuno Kumo

Neo Sailormoon/Chiba Usa
Neo Sailormercury/Enkaino Uzaki
Mars Knight/Woomuno Raifu
Neo Sailorjupiter/Shinrino Kokuei
Neo Sailorvenus/Utsukushii Fearii
Uranus Knight/Aozorano Namaru
Neo Sailorneptune/Enkaino Hana
Neo Sailorpluto/Jimaino Hitotoki
Neo Sailorsaturn/Tomoe Hiyoku
Ice Knight/Haarino Uma